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We are a well established family dental office, treating patients of all ages and are always available to make appointments and discuss treatment planning, to help give all of our patients healthy smiles.

We are also a walk-in emergency dental clinic and will take care of all your minor and major dental needs.

“Our business is your Smile”

We are an Assignment Office, which means we will accept your dental insurance information, send the claim to your insurance company and wait for the insurance company to pay us directly. This can be very helpful in this difficult economical time.

We also take all major credit cards. The majority of our patients prefer to pay for all there treatment upfront, and take advantage of there credit card promotions of free travel and cash back offered to them.

We will take care of getting your dental claim information to your insurance company and you can expect a fast turn over to getting your payment directly deposited into your bank account or a cheque mailed to you.

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