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Emergency Dental Calgary
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Emergency Dentist Calgary NW

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Emergency Dental Services Calgary NW

A dental emergency can be an issue involving your oral health that needs treatment immediately. Such dental emergencies should be treated promptly by a dental health professional. At Expressions Dental™, we provide emergency dental care on a priority basis. We offer emergency dental care services on the same day and after-hours as well. Our team consists of general dentists, dental assistants, dental hygienists and dental administration staff. Be it existing patients or new – we treat most dental emergencies. As a part of our extended care to the general public in Calgary and surrounding areas, we are available for your Emergency Dental needs.


Our goal is to offer you the utmost care and help you find relief during a dental emergency. With proper verification of your insurance coverage, we can directly bill your insurance company if required. We can also arrange for Dental financing with Paybright.


What qualifies as a Dental Emergency?


The general rule is: severe pain, bleeding, loss of a tooth or a broken appliance. In such cases, you should consult a dentist right away. If you are in severe discomfort with an oral health issue, never hesitate to contact us for emergency dental care. At Expressions Dental™, we provide emergency dental care services like emergency root canal treatment, emergency teeth extractions, accidents involving oral injuries, etc. We treat your dental emergencies promptly and strive to make sure you are comfortable at all times.


Are you suffering from –

With years of wear-and-tear, your teeth might be vulnerable to cracking. These broken teeth can result in a painful situation. Often, a toothache is a result of a cracked tooth which can only be detected by x-rays.


Treatment: We will try to relieve your pain and offer a variety of dental emergency solutions, including dental crowns and implants. We can also restore your look by a tooth bonding procedure. In some cases, a root canal may be advised, or even a complete tooth extraction.

You can lose or damage your teeth through accidents or injuries. Such injuries are incredibly painful and can be classified as an immediate dental emergency.


Treatment: Expressions Dental™ can offer you emergency dental services in the form of tooth replacement options. The severity of the trauma will define the solution to be provided. Consult a dentist for emergency dental care right away when you are suffering from dental trauma.

An underlying dental problem could be the cause of a severe infection, and eventually, pain and swelling. A tooth infection or cavity can also be a result of a dental abscess. These infections are common in people with poor dental health and may result from a lack of regular dental care. You can prevent dental infections by maintaining good dental hygiene and brushing twice a day.


Treatment: Treating infections might require multiple appointments to gauge the progress of the procedure. Treatments might include a root canal to get rid of the infection. You might also be prescribed some antibiotics to make sure that the infection does not spread to other teeth.

Tooth decay, an abscessed tooth, infected gums, or a damaged filling can be the reasons for a toothache. Toothaches can be unbearable at times, and you should visit a dentist for emergency dental care right away for such cases. Delaying such aches might complicate the procedures in the future.


Treatment: Treating toothaches will require an examination of your mouth, teeth, gums, jaw and tongue. An X-ray might also be taken. The result of these examinations will determine the cause of your toothache, and then a solution will be provided.

Often popcorn husks, meat fibres and many other small objects tend to get stuck between your teeth. Even instances like biting the tip of your pen/pencil can also lead to situations where objects get stuck in your teeth. In such occurrences, where the trapped object becomes unremovable or painful, you must seek emergency dental care.


Treatment: In such cases, our general dentists at Expressions Dental™ in Calgary NW will generally provide you with a solution in one sitting, depending on the seriousness of the situation. It is recommended to consult a dentist, without further delay to bring the situation under control soon, without causing much damage to your teeth.

Tissue injuries can be cuts, lacerations or wounds to the lips, tongue and cheek. Treatment of such damages will require an immediate examination of a dentist.


Treatment: Solutions for such procedures vary for each patient’s condition. Consult with the dentist for further solutions. The patient’s condition will determine further actions. Make sure you do not delay in consulting a dentist in cases of tissue injuries.

Sports injury, falling or any other trauma might cause the tooth to get knocked out of its socket. In such cases, preserve the tooth and get emergency dental care immediately. Such cases should be treated within hours of the incident to save the tooth.


Treatment: General dentists might be able to save the tooth if the accident is treated within hours of the incident. Otherwise, tooth-replacement solutions can be provided.

Poor oral maintenance or simply wear-and-tear over time, or even trauma might cause your dental crowns and fillings to become dislodged. If your dental crown or fillings come off, see your dentist immediately.


Treatment: We at Expressions Dental™ in Calgary NW are able to provide you with emergency dental care solutions in such cases. Dentists might suggest you a new crown that fits securely. If you lose a filling, the dentist maybe able to replace it with new fillings.

Chewing or biting hard food or facial trauma might cause your braces to be damaged or broken. This damage might also result in wires to cut and stick out of its bracket, poking into the insides of your mouth, causing more discomfort. Seek emergency dental care in such situations.


Treatment: Our general dentists at Expressions Dental™ can provide you with emergency solutions like rewiring the braces. If you delay treating such emergencies, chances are the wire will harm the insides of your mouth, causing more damage. Consult us for emergency dental care in such cases.

Any combination of severe oral health problems can cause sudden toothache pain and lead to further complications. It’s essential to have a relationship with your dentist who can provide you with dental treatment on an emergency basis.

Dental Treatment on an Emergency Basis

Emergency Dental CalgarySometimes, a toothache may go beyond your pain threshold, and the reason could be anything from tooth decay to a broken tooth. In such cases, our general dentists at Expressions Dental™ in Calgary NW will analyze your situation and extract your tooth, if the tooth is beyond repair.

Emergency Dental CalgaryWe suggest a root canal for emergency dental treatment when a dental pulp decays, is diseased or traumatized. On removing the pulp, we fill the canals with a root canal filling. Some people may think that extraction is better than a root canal but make sure you discuss all the pros and cons with your dentist first.


When undergoing a root canal, the canal is cleaned and filled, and then, based on the patient’s situation, a crown is placed. This procedure might require two or more appointments.

Emergency Dental Calgary Wisdom teeth have also been a source for toothaches. Apart from tooth decay and lodged food, insufficient space for your wisdom tooth can also result in incredible pain. In such cases, our general dentists may suggest you for wisdom tooth extraction.

Precautionary Measures to Avoid Dental Emergencies

    • Stick to using your teeth for chewing food only! People often use their teeth to break open packages with their teeth, causing damage to their teeth.


    • While engaging in contact sports, make sure you are protecting your teeth with a mouth-guard.


    • Avoid food that’s hard to bite, e.g. candies.


    • For a knocked-out tooth, keep the tooth moist at all times.


    • Use dental floss regularly to remove any food caught between your teeth.


    • For objects stuck between your teeth, try to remove it using floss.

Emergency Dentists VS General Dentists

With the use of the keywords “Emergency Dentists,” “Emergency Dental Clinic Calgary,” and “Emergency Dentist Calgary,” it may imply that it’s a dental specialist clinic offering this service. As a matter of fact, we are a “General Dentist Clinic” in Calgary NW, and we are available to provide emergency dental services and care. You can walk-in into our clinic anytime during our working hours and get emergency dental services.


General dentists undergo training in dental school for basic dental emergencies and are able to provide most Emergency dental care to their patients. General dentists are not called “Emergency Dentists” because there is no special training that exists to be called an Emergency Dentist. A “dental specialist” is someone who has furthered their education in a particular field and has the required degree or diploma certifying their specialty. It is therefore important that a patient understands that they are receiving emergency dental care from a general dentist as opposed to a specialist. We are a general dental clinic, offering emergency dental care to our patients.


Sometimes emergency dental care may involve referrals to another dentist or specialists such as Endodontists and Oral surgeons. We will provide you with any references as needed. In some cases, our dentist may give you an emergency prescription to render emergency dental treatment. Expressions Dental follows the Alberta Dental Association and College Fee Guide and our fees are in accordance with the suggested fee guide for the convenience of our patients.

Do you have a dental emergency? Don’t worry! Contact Expressions Dental. Our emergency dental services are always available for your assistance. We offer early morning and late evening hour’s appointments too. We are also available on call or message after our office hours. Call +1 (403) 252 7733 and seek help.

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