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About Expressions DentalTM

Expressions DentalTM is a general dental health care clinic and it’s dental office is located in the Crowfoot Center of Calgary NW providing comprehensive dental health care services. At Expressions DentalTM, our dentists truly believe that everyone should have a healthy smile, teeth and gums for life. The dentists working at this clinic are Dr. Gurpreet Gill, Dr. Dionysius David, Dr. Jennifer Li and Dr. Neerja Khosla.

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General Dentist Team in Calgary NW
Expressions Dental™ Team in Calgary NW

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Our Doctor Team

Dr Gurpreet Gill - Dentist Calgary NW Dr. Gurpreet Gill
General Dentist

Dr Jennifer Li - Dentist Calgary NW Dr. Jennifer Li
General Dentist

Dr Dionysius David - Dentist Calgary NW Dr. Dionysius David
General Dentist

Dr Neerja Khosla - Dentist Calgary NW Dr. Neerja Khosla
General Dentist

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