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Teeth cleaning performed by the dental hygienist can reduce the chance of developing tooth decay, gingivitis, and gum disease. Thorough visual examinations and up-to-date X-rays make it possible for the dentist to diagnose any patient concerns, and monitor the health of the entire tooth and surrounding tissues.

As we age, our body does not rejuvenate the way it did when we were young. This makes us more susceptible to cavities and oral health issues we may not know we are at risk of. Doesn’t mean you’re doing anything different or wrong, just that our bodies need to be taken care of with a little more effort on our own parts. Taking care of your body includes the things happening inside the mouth..

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Routine dental care for children

There are many parents out there who have questions about their child’s oral care, how do you go about it? See your dental team!

Oral hygiene in children is crucial due to the rapid changes that occur. It’s very important that children see the dentist as soon as they get their very first primary tooth (age varies with every child). The enamel of primary teeth is thinner than that of an adult, in turn they can get decay faster and can get very deep sooner than later. We also know that the pulp “nerve” in primary teeth is much bigger and decay can reach it faster which can lead to requiring a pulpotomy (partial root canal) or extraction.

Apart from brushing twice a day, you need to ensure to floss regularly as dental flossing assures to remove the residue of food stuck between teeth. Consistent routine dental care is the ideal prevention there is. Go to your dentist for any advice you require.

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All dental services are provided by a General Dentist.

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