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All dental services are provided by a General Dentist.

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In the case of a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to visit our dental Clinic in Calgary NW.

You can’t predict when a dental emergency will strike. Unforeseen accidents and disorders can send you reeling with dental pain. If you are experiencing anything from mild tooth discomfort to painful throbbing, it can be nearly impossible to concentrate or function regularly. You don’t have to suffer through the pain. General dentists at our Expressions Dental™ Calgary clinic will try to attend to emergency patients immediately and dental treatment might be available on the same day - subject to dentist availability.

However, it is important to understand when exactly you need emergency dental care. Some oral injuries may require immediate attention while others can wait until your dentist’s normal working hours. But for that, you need to understand what kind of injury is serious. For instance, you may have a broken or cracked tooth, but a minor chip may not require immediate dental treatment, but if the injury is serious and if there is pain or nerve damage, then you may need emergency dental treatment.

We are available by phone until 10 pm daily to give you advice on dental problems. You can book an appointment online for emergency dental treatment. Any dental emergencies after 9 P.M. will be seen the following morning of the next business day.

For more information on our emergency dental services, please call us. We’d be happy to assist you.

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Are you suffering from -

Cracked Tooth : Over the years your teeth can become weak due to wear and tear, resulting in a painful cracked tooth. Often, a toothache is a result of a cracked tooth which can only be detected by x-rays. We will try to relieve your pain and offer a variety of dental emergency solutions including dental crowns and implants.

Infection : An underlying dental problem could be the cause of a serious infection, and eventually pain and swelling. A dental abscess can begin as a tooth infection or cavity. These infections are common in people with poor dental health and may result from lack of regular dental care.

Trauma : An accident or injury could cause you to lose or damage a tooth, resulting in incredible pain and a dental emergency. Our general dentists at Expressions Dental™ will ensure that you receive the best solutions for tooth replacement.

Other serious problems : Any combination of serious oral health problems can cause sudden toothache pain and lead to further complications. It’s important to have a relationship with your dentist who can provide you dental treatment on an emergency basis.

Dental Treatment On An Emergency Basis

Toothache: A Toothache is a generalized word used to describe any pain there may be in a tooth. There are many reasons for a toothache like food lodged in between teeth, infected gums, dislodged fillings or crowns and cracked teeth. Sometimes hidden cavities get exposed, if you eat something too sour or sweet, or too hot or cold can cause toothache.

Removal of impacted teeth: Impacted teeth may pose no symptoms but sometimes it may become important to remove them. Such conditions would be if they start causing damage to adjacent teeth, or become infected and symptomatic, or formation of cysts and tumors.

Root canal: We suggest a root canal for emergency dental treatment when a dental pulp dies, is diseased or traumatized. On removing the pulp, we replace the gap with a root canal filling. A root canal treatment can take 1 to 2 appointments. Some people may think that an extraction is better than a root canal as you don't have to go through so much pain and expenses.

Tooth extraction: In case you are suffering from extreme pain and your tooth has deteriorated to the point that it cannot be saved, we suggest extracting it. For people who are afraid of teeth extractions, we have a few sedation options available.

Wisdom tooth extraction: Sometimes a toothache may arise not because of tooth decay or lodged food, but because of insufficient space for your wisdom teeth. In such conditions, your wisdom tooth or teeth may need to be extracted.

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