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Wisdom teeth removal or a tooth extraction involves the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone. We know that you may be terrified to have a tooth pulled and thus, at Expressions Dental™ clinic, our team of general dentists aim to save your teeth in every possible manner and want tooth extraction to be the last resort.

Why would you need tooth extraction? Here are a few reasons:

  • If you have extra teeth that block other teeth from coming in
  • If your tooth is damaged or decayed beyond repair
  • If wisdom teeth do not have enough room to come out

Your healing after an extraction is important to us. We will follow-up with you to check your progress after an extraction.

Necessary guidelines and instructions are also given to the patient to help them take postoperative care after an extraction.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Calgary

Expressions Dental™ clinic offers wisdom tooth extraction in Calgary. In certain situations, a referral to an oral surgeon may be required.

For more information on our services, you can visit our dental clinic in Calgary NW or give us a call.

Fractured Tooth

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